The Update
This is a security update, it is important to apply it as soon as possible. This fixes two vulnerabilities and resolves 17 bugs from earlier versions of WP.

The WordPress Update Process
Anyone that is set to receive minor or major/minor core updates on our system will automatically receive this over the next 24 hours. Our systems are starting to update sites now. Updates from the WordPress auto-updater are also rolling out. Minor updates like this are less likely to cause problems, and given the nature of this update, I would encourage you to update immediately if you donít have auto-updates turned on. If you havenít updated to WordPress 4.4 yet, this might be a good time to do that as well, as this update is taking care of some of the issues 4.4 caused, and most plugins/themes have been updated for quite a while at this point.

If you have any questions, please login to your account at our Client Portal and open a ticket, weíll be happy to help.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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