PHPMailer Security Advisory

Exploit type: Remote Code Execution in third-party PHPMailer libraryCVE Numbers: CVE-2016-10033 and CVE-2016-10045 Description All versions of the third-party PHPMailer library distributed with WHMCS are vulnerable to a remote code execution vulnerability. This is patched in PHPMailer 5.2.20. At this time we do not believe the deficiency in ... Read More »

29th Dec 2016
CloudFlare Railgun™

As a CloudFlare Optimized Partner, we are thrilled to offer the CloudFlare Railgun™ technology to all our customers for Free. Railgun is CloudFlare’s latest performance optimization technology that gives you significant improvements in site load times. To activate Railgun, log into your control panel and select Railgun “On”.  Read on for ... Read More »

18th Dec 2016
WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan”

Version 4.7 of WordPress, named “Vaughan” in honor of legendary jazz vocalist Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. New features in 4.7 help you get your site set up the way you want it. Presenting Twenty Seventeen A brand new default theme brings your site to life with immersive ... Read More »

17th Dec 2016
Joomla! 3.6.5 Released

Joomla! 3.6.5 is now available. This is a security release for the 3.x series of Joomla! which addresses three security vulnerabilities, miscellaneous security hardening and three bug fixes; no further changes have been made compared to the Joomla! 3.6.4 release. We strongly recommend that you update your sites. What's in 3.6.5 Version 3.6.5 ... Read More »

13th Dec 2016
Moving Toward SSL

by Matt MullewingWe’re at a turning point: 2017 is going to be the year that we’re going to see features in WordPress which require hosts to have SSL available, just as Javascript is an almost necessity for smoother user experiences and more modern PHP versions for performance, SSL just makes sense as the next hurdle our users are going to ... Read More »

1st Dec 2016
New: Free CloudFlare - Speed up your account...

Greenix360 is happy to announce a new partnership with CloudFlare, the web’s easiest performance and security solution. As a CloudFlare Certified Partner, we deliver their simple and free solution to help protect and accelerate your website. Once your website joins the CloudFlare community, it loads twice as fast and is protected from a range of ... Read More »

4th Mar 2016
WordPress 4.4.2 Security Release

The UpdateThis is a security update, it is important to apply it as soon as possible. This fixes two vulnerabilities and resolves 17 bugs from earlier versions of WP. The WordPress Update ProcessAnyone that is set to receive minor or major/minor core updates on our system will automatically receive this over the next 24 hours. Our systems are ... Read More »

2nd Feb 2016
WordPress 4.4.1 Security and Maintenance Release

WordPress 4.4.1 is now available. This is a security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. WordPress versions 4.4 and earlier are affected by a cross-site scripting vulnerability that could allow a site to be compromised. This was reported by Crtc4L. There were also several non-security ... Read More »

18th Jan 2016
ATTN: Joomla Users, Upgrade now! - Critical Joomla security release and hotfixes

You NEED to update your Joomla right now. Remote command execution vulnerability was just found in Joomla. The Joomla security team has released a new version of Joomla 3 to patch critical vulnerability that affects all versions from 1.5 to 3.4. This is a very serious bug that is already wide known and can be easily exploited. If you're using ... Read More »

18th Dec 2015
Joomla! 3.4.6 Released

Joomla! 3.4.6 is now available. This is a security release for the 3.x series of Joomla which addresses a critical security vulnerability and 4 low level security vulnerabilities. We strongly recommend that you update your sites immediately. This release only contains the security fixes; no other changes have been made compared to the Joomla ... Read More »

15th Dec 2015