Q: I got a letter about renewing my domain from Liberty Names of America... is this legit?
A: NO!

Do not send money to Liberty Names of America, as it is a scam. Sending them money will no renew your domain.

If you registered your domain with us, it stays with us until YOU ask us to transfer it to someone else. There is a whole process involved to transfer a domain to a different company.

If you registered your domain with us, the only companies you need to deal with are us, Greenix360, or Enom Inc, our domain reseller. And we do all our business via email. If you received any paper mail, it is most likely a scam, trying to swindle you out of some money.

Often times, the letter comes from a company called "Liberty Names of America" or "Domain Names of America." It may be a legit company that's sending you that mail, but, again, paying them does not renew your domain unless you've gone through the transfer process and actually transferred your domain to them. Also, those companies usually charge way more money than we do for domain renewal, so it's more economical for you to just leave your domain with us anyway.

Unfortunately, the business of domain name registration is not yet legally supervised as it should be. Thus, making money off them, honestly or not, is a popular art these days.

If you have any questions at all about your domain, don't hesitate to email. Thanks!

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