CloudFlare - What fields do I need to enter in W3TC (W3 Total Cache) settings?

Upon installation of W3 Total Cache, please visit Performance > Extensions and activate CloudFlare. Then and only then will the "Network Performance and Security powered by CloudFlare appear in the Performance > General Settings.

**Note: Please do not enable W3TC's minify options and CloudFlare's Auto Minify option at the same time. You will likely see issues with certain files with two minify options turned on, so please only choose on or the other.**


Security Level: You can choose the security level you want your site to have on CloudFlare.. A high security setting means more visitors will be challenged based on threat score, whereas a lower level means fewer challenged visitors.

Development Mode: You would want to toggle Development Mode  on if you're making changes to static content on your site.

The W3TC CloudFlare settings require the following entries for CloudFlare:

CloudFlare: Enabled

CloudFlare account email address: The email address associated with your CloudFlare account.

CloudFlare API key: The CloudFlare API key can be found on your CloudFlare account

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