Redirect URLs using .htaccess

Sometimes you need to redirect some URL and/or page on your site to another one.
The feature is very useful if you have recently redesigned your site but you wish to keep

the old addresses working for various reasons (you have links to these pages from other

sites, some users may have the old pages bookmarked, etc).

The Apache web server provides several way for setting up redirects.

The most simple one is using the Redirect directive:

Redirect /folder

With such a line in your .htaccess if a visitor tries to load, he will be redirected to

Recently it has been talked a lot about Permanent redirects. The good news is that you can

add a status code to the Redirect directive. For example for Permanent 301 redirect you can


Redirect permanent /folder

Another useful directive is the RedirectMatch. With it you can use regular expressions in

the redirect condition. For example

RedirectMatch ".html$"

This will redirect all requests to files that end with .html to the index.php file.

There is another more powerful way to create redirects or even create transperant redirects

which requires ModRewrite. Please refer to the articles on mod_rewrite.
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